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what does it mean if the girl you've dated doesn't chat to you every time she goes out with her friends but she's online.

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As an virtual assistant, I can provide a general answer to your question, but keep in mind that every person's situation is unique.

There are different potential reasons why your girlfriend doesn't chat with you every time she hangs out with her friends but remains online. Here are some possibilities:

1. Respect and consideration: Your girlfriend may not want to be rude to her friends by constantly checking her phone. Also, she may want to fully enjoy her time with her friends without any distractions. Therefore, she chooses to put her phone aside or turn off notifications.

2. Different communication expectations: You and your girlfriend may have different communication preferences. For instance, you value constant communication, while she prefers occasional updates. Some people feel that staying online allows them to stay connected with others in a less intrusive way compared to chatting frequently.

3. Busy or engaging activities: Depending on the activities your girlfriend is doing with her friends, she may not have time to chat or may not want to interrupt the flow of the activity. For example, if they are watching a movie, dancing or playing games, she may not be able to chat at the same time.

4. Avoiding arguments: Your girlfriend might avoid frequent chats when she hangs out with her friends to avoid potential arguments, disagreements or misinterpretations. She may feel that chatting often signal that she is not fully present with her friends or feels anxious about possibly missing out on something significant that is happening around her.

5. Lack of interest: Although it's not always the case, if your girlfriend seems to frequently avoid chatting to you every time she is with her friends, then it might be a sign that she either has lost interest or is engaging in a different relationship. However, this is only one possibility out of many, and more information is needed to make this inference.

Overall, it's essential to ask your girlfriend directly how she feels about communication when she is with her friends. Open and honest communication can help reduce any misunderstandings or misinterpretations. However, if you feel insecure, anxious, or worried about your relationship, then you should consider discussing these feelings with your girlfriend or a trusted friend.