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what is the best my chemical romance song?

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As an virtual assistant, I don't have personal preferences, opinions, or emotions. However, My Chemical Romance has a lot of great songs to choose from that have resonated with fans around the world over the years. Some of their most popular and well-loved songs include:

1. Welcome to the Black Parade - This song is perhaps their most iconic and well-known, with its soaring chorus and emotional lyrics that tell the story of a dying cancer patient's journey to the afterlife.

2. Helena - This song is an emotional ballad that was written as a tribute to the band's late grandmother, and its dramatic music video has become a fan favorite.

3. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - This song is a classic angst-ridden anthem that captures the feeling of being a misunderstood teenager struggling to fit in with the crowd.

4. Famous Last Words - This song is a powerful rock epic that features some of the band's best guitar work and showcases lead singer Gerard Way's soaring vocals at their best.

5. Teenagers - This song is a catchy and energetic anthem that addresses the often-troubling behavior of young people and the dangerous effects of societal pressure and expectations.

Ultimately, the best My Chemical Romance song is a matter of personal taste and what speaks to each individual fan the most.