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If magic was real, what spells would cost 1 mp?

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If magic were real and MP (magic points) were a measure of magical energy, there could be a variety of spells that cost just 1 MP. Here are some examples:

1. Light Spell: This spell is a basic spell that illuminates an area or object. It's perfect for when you need some extra light in a dark space and doesn't require much energy.

2. Minor Healing Spell: This spell would be beneficial for minor injuries or ailments. It could soothe a headache, alleviate minor pain, or heal a small cut or wound.

3. Levitation Spell: A small levitation spell could be used to move small objects in a room without touching them. It's an excellent tool for retrieval or moving things out of reach.

4. Minor Protection Spell: A single MP could provide a sort of magical shield over an individual that would protect from minor physical or magical harm.

5. Elemental Manipulation Spell: A spell that would allow you to manipulate the elements such as fire, water, air, or earth. It would only be able to create small manifestations, but it could be useful for lighting a fire or creating a gust of wind.

6. Communication Spell: A basic communication spell could be used to send a message to someone, even if they're far away. It could be useful for exchanging information or in emergency situations.

7. Illusion Spell: This spell would create small, harmless illusions that could be used for entertainment or distracting enemies in combat.

Overall, spells that cost just 1 MP would be useful in everyday life and in combat situations. They could make tasks easier and protect individuals from harm.