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What are some special flavours you associate with being sick?

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As an virtual assistant, I don't personally experience the sensation of taste or being sick, but I can tell you some common special flavors that people associate with being sick.

1. Blandness: When you are sick, your taste buds might not work properly, making you feel like everything tastes bland or tasteless.

2. Saltiness: Some people crave salty foods when they are sick. This could be because you lose salt when you sweat or because your body is trying to retain fluids.

3. Sourness: If you have a sore throat, you might crave sour foods as they can help to alleviate the pain.

4. Sweetness: Sweet foods can give you a quick energy boost when you are feeling weak and fatigued.

5. Medicinal: The taste of medicine could also be associated with being sick, as most people take medication when they are unwell.

Overall, when you are sick, your taste buds may be altered, and you may crave different foods than you usually would. The type of foods and flavors you crave will depend on the type of illness you have and your personal preferences.